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If you are moving to a new office or are updating your IT Infrastructure we can help you build it from the ground up. Our enterprise level solutions take into account the best equipment for your long term investment


Nimbus PC works with you to maximize your business network for connectivity and efficiency. As your business grows, the demand on your network also grows. We carefully analyze your existing network and future needs and design your networks which will satisfy your current needs, but also grow with you. We perform an extensive analysis of your existing network to identify vulnerabilities and slowdowns in your systems. By conducting a comprehensive network security assessment, we provide a complete audit of your current network status, and how to optimize and resolve any issues


Nimbus PC also repairs computers, servers, printers, routers and other hardware from brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, etc. We can come to you, provider service at your office, home, or remote online. Our professional technicians are prompt, knowledgeable, and fast.

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