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Managed IT Services is a great option for businesses of any size. Our Managed IT Services includes monitoring of your technology and proactively addresses issues making sure your business is up and running with minimal downtime. Our Managed IT Service is completely scalable, we are able to provide the IT support and services your business needs as it grows. Nimbus PC provides a flat rate monthly support plan; we work within your budget while maximizing your IT support. Here are some of the items included in out Managed IT Services Program.

Virtualization and Cloud Services

Cloud computing and services is seen as the the next generation of computing and its already here. Nimbus PC can take your business into the clouds and beyond; by providing totally Managed Cloud Services and IT Support. These Services maximizes up time and is available from anywhere you have Internet access. Managed Cloud Services lets you consolidate your technologies, reduce physical servers, and licensing, therefore reducing total cost.
Managed Cloud Services also introduces flexibility in software applications. Software is managed in one place giving you the ability to turn on and off services based on needs. It helps reduce downtime from outages due to weather or other environmental impacts. This can be very helpful, especially living in South Florida.


NimbusPC, can provide your business with an Enterprise level PBX phone system at a fraction of the cost with Hosted PBX and business-class VoIP telephone service. The PBX is a managed service which is accessible through an online portal, where you will have control of an extensive set of features.


Flexible pricing plans to help your business to grow digitally


  • Remote End User Pro Support
  • Network Management
  • End Point Protection
  • Printing & Imaging support
  • Wireless optimization
  • Patch & Updates management
  • Backup for Office 365


  • Cloud PBX phone system
  • Microsoft 365
  • Hybrid Backup Plan
  • Total Security
  • Virtual environment
  • DNS Protection
  • Cloud Storage


  • Cloud Management
  • Tech as a Services
  • Azure environment
  • Application integration
  • Hosting Management
  • Digital Solutions

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