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Application Development

Enterprise Websites

We can build websites that can help your business to reach customers in the Internet, connecting customers with your products or services

Web Applications

Application that can help your business to improve performance and control, we can create a tailored system to adapt to your business

Technical Support & Consulting

Do you need to extend existing systems?, Are you looking for a new computer solution?, Nimbus PC have a team of experts ready to support you and your business to extend your systems


Flexible pricing plans to help your business to grow digitally


  • Hosting Pro Support
  • Core code updates
  • Domain protection
  • Patch & Updates management
  • Inside Backup


  • Web App load balance
  • CTA optimization
  • Full Integrated Admin App
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Social Integration optimization
  • DNS Privacy & Protection
  • Metrics and Reporting


  • Multi Cloud Management
  • AWS/Azure replication
  • Pro Plus Support
  • Data base management
  • Hosting Management
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Enhanced Blog support

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